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I 'm Charla Dougherty-Helmick.

My father Charley Dougherty was friends with Woody Ledbetter, REALTOR.  When my father became ill he asked me to get in touch with Woody.  He told me I could trust her.
At the time I was not sure why he was telling me that, but I made a phone call to tell Woody my father was in the hospital. 
Making a long story short.
With in weeks, My father passed away. It was like Woody had ESP or something.  She called me that day to check on me and my Dad.  I felt like I was spinning out.  I didn't know what to do or what was next.
Woody Asked if she could come over and see me.  When she got there everything changed.  We talked for hours and Woody listened to my concerns. My Dad had taken out a, REVERSE MORTAGE.  (what a NIGHT MARE)

Woody explained the process on what to expect, from helping me with what to do with all the rooms of stuff, to helping get to a lawyer for some advise on what to do about the Probate process.

AGAIN, Making a long story short.
Woody's vast knowledge knew how to ward off the REVERSE MORTAGE and their threatneing letters to take Dads home from me, helped me work on Estate sales, court appeareances, a military funeral, preparing and listing the property, getting it sold, and my moving out and moving on.
Woody was there holding my hand and helping me all the way.

She NEVER gave up on me or what I was going through.
Everything has turned out the best I could ever believe.
Woody is the BEST REALTOR I have ever met and everyone I talk to say, they have never met a REALTOR that would go that extra mile to help like Woody did.  SHE IS JUST Special.
Please call her with your Real Estate needs.

Sincerely ,

Charla Dougherty-Helmick
seller of  Valle Pacifico
Prunedale, CA  93907

Now in Delta, Colorado


I'm very greatful for Ms. Woody Ledbetter's patience and experience in guiding me and my family with a property we inherited.  The taxes had not been paid for years, there were outstanding code violations and we didn't know where to turn.  I reached out to Woody for a property valuation (Appraisal)  of this property in North Monterey County.   Woody researched the code violation, took the time to find similar type of properties like ours that sold in the area and gave us a professional appraisal we could share with our Attorneys, the County and the State.  With Ms. Ledbetters assistance we resolved all the issues on the property and are now in good standing.
Woody is our, turn to REALTOR.   

Kathy M.
Aromas, CA 95004


Thank you for everything.  I still can't believe I got tihis house.  I'm slowly workig on it to change it into my dream homes.  I have this place to call my own only because of all the hard work you put in and the countless texts and calls about potential properties.  Thank you for always giving it to me straight.

You are always welcome,
Let's do lunch, soon!


To our friend Woody,

In 2009 we were looking for a house in Prunedale, CA.   I walked into a realtor's office and there you were sitting behind the desk.  Your infectious smile lit up the room and our adventure began.  With our limited budget, you were able to lead us to a foreclosure property.  It needed a lot of love and repairs but it fit our needs.  Woody, you worked so hard negotiating, to make this happen for us.  We laughed and got to know each other along the way.  Our working relationship gave way to a true friendship.

Woody's knowledge of the area and the local people was impressive.  Your ability to network and get access to specific history about the area properties was a huge advantage.  Woody knew people that were on the same water well and got insight for us.  Woody also knew a local septic system contractor who had the history on the service and construction of the septic system. 

Well, we bought that house, loved it and kept in touch with Woody, our new friend.  When it was time to sell and move to Arizona in 2020, we immediately gave Woody a call.    Due to the pandemic, we knew things would be different, but Woody is a pro.  She had all the protocols and sanitary precautions covered.  Once we had the house listed, with-in a few days, we received multiple offers at above-asking prices.  Woody had the house sold and closed within a month. 

Woody also facilited in our offer being accepted in Arizona.  There were 38 offers on the house we wanted.  We would not have our new home in Arizona, if it wasn't for Woody.  She made a phone call to the agent and updated her on the progress of our closing in Prunedale, CA.   Our offer got accepted and we owe it all to Woody. 

If you are in the market for a REALTOR, look no further.  Woody will take good care of you!  We highly recommend her services and who knows, you might end up with a great friend too!

Jon and Lizzy
Happy In Arizona!


Purchaser of the property on Riverside Rd. - Hollister, CA

I have been in the farming business my whole life.  My family farmed in the Santa Clara Valley and Gilroy area.  I wanted to continue that wonderful part of my growing up with my Grandchildren.   When I started looking around I saw this 22 acre property in Hollister.  I called the listing agent (Woody) and made arrangements to view the home and the property.  It had only been active for a few days.    Woody told me she had been working on preparing the home and property for months.  One of the sellers was not in good health and the other seller lived out of the area.
As we walked the acreage, Woody was straight forward with her knowledge of the property and the Williamson Act.  Woody made it clear on how the Williamson Act would affect the different possibilities with this acreage and what qualified for farming on the grounds.  Her knowledge was straight forward and right on.  It was all helpful and helped me decide, I wanted this property.
Woody and I sat down to put my offer together.  Woody expalined she would be representing both the Seller and myself, the Buyer, and it would be a Dual Agency relationship. Woody expalined that I could giver her permission to discuss our conversation with the seller's.    I could tell Woody would handle it with the upmost integrity so I gave her my permission to discuss my terms with the sellers.  Woody explained that the seller would need about 30 days after the close of escrow.  I told Woody I didn't need access to the home right away, so we decided to give the seller 30 days after the close of escrow, at no charge.  After a few days Woody sat down with the sellers and a 2nd offer had come in. The sellers reviewed both offers and the sellers accepted my offer.   Woody communicated what terms her sellers needed and I  gave them what worked.  Thanks WOODY!!!

I loved working with Woody and would recommend her to anyone that wants to sell or buy farming property.  Woody's husband was a farmer for over 35 years and her broad knowledge of farm properties was the added bonus.


Aromas, CA

We live out of the area and we received a postcard from Woody regarding homes she had sold in the area of our gated vacation home in Aromas on 4 acres.  Since we do not spend as much time there as we used to, we decided to look into selling.  We contacted Woody off her postcard and one other local big name company.   The Big name company did not show up on time for their scheduled appointment, but Woody was right on time.   We wanted a local Real Estate Agent and did not want a sign on our gate or a lock box.  We wanted an agent that would be present for all showings who would open the gate and show the home.

We could not of asked for a better Agent than Woody.  Woody had the exterior of our home cleaned up and landscaped with flowers.  Woody also staged the interior of our home to perfection.  At NO COST to us!   We were so very happy with all she did to prepare our home for showing.  The first open house was the day before the Pandemic shut down.  Woody maintained our home and 4 acres until the market was opened back up.   When Woody pulled all our Monterey County permits, we found that the County had not properly completed their paper work.  Woody got that handled for us the first week she listed the property.  She was always on top of her paperwork and it was very convenient for us as we did not live in the area.  At the time of signing the listing, we had the septic tank pumped and found the tank had cracked.  It would need to be replaced.  Woody handled everything for us.  Due to the pandemic Woody had to hold off on showings.  Once Woody was allowed to show property again, she had our home SOLD in just a few weeks. 

We loved working with Woody and would highly recommend her to handle any real estate property you want to sell.  She truly goes the extra mile.  Woody lives up to the Better Homes and Garden pledge, "EXPECT BETTER".

The Wong family
Palo Alto, CA


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